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We are dedicated to advocating for improved access to medical cannabis and accelerating its legalisation. Currently we are behind other western countries when it comes to legislation and the costs of medicinal weed. Online dispensaries can help individuals in remote areas and give people convenient access to cannabis to help treat medical conditions. With our exceptional customer service and ease of purchase, we strive to combat the stigma surrounding the purchase of cannabis.


Ease of use.

At PotDrop, we are dedicated to making your experience as easy as possible. Our diverse range of customers means that everyone needs to be able to understand and use our site smoothly. We are constantly coming up with solutions to make your buying process as informative and simple as possible.

Speed and discretion.

More than 95% of PotDrop orders land within 24 hours of dispatch, and order are ALWAYS dispatched on the same day if you order before the correct cut offs! Please see our cut-off chart for exact times. All orders are sent in extremely discrete packaging because we are sensitive to the range of situations we know our customers may experience.

Outstanding customer service.
Our excellent support team can answer all queries you may have, surrounding the products available, processing orders, dispatch, shipping times and receiving any feedback you may want to give us, so that your future experience can be even more streamlined.

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